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For which types of macular degeneration are the vitamin helpful?
Multiple companies have claimed efficacy of their products in supporting macular degeneration. However, to date, only specific companies manufacture the exact macular degeneration vitamin formula as outlined in the Age Related Eye Disease Study (known as "AREDS") published by the United States National Institutes of Health in 2001 and and Age Related Eye Disease Study 2(known as "AREDS2") published in 2013. The National Institutes of Health found that these vitamin were beneficial in cases of intermediate and severe macular degeneration.

What things should you look for in a macular degeneration vitamin?

The original AREDS included these 5 ingredients:

  1. Beta carotene

  2. Vitamin C

  3. Vitamin E

  4. Zinc

  5. Copper


However, beta-carotene was shown to increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers and former smokers, so AREDS 2 addressed that and concluded that these 6 ingredients were safer and slightly more beneficial:

  1. Vitamin C

  2. Vitamin E

  3. Zinc

  4. Copper

  5. Lutein

  6. Zeaxanthin

Because of the increased risk of lung cancer, it is recommended that people with a smoking history do not ingest high levels of Beta-carotene.


Which vitamin do we recommend?
These studies were widely accepted in the medical community as proving true efficacy against this visually debilitating disease. We do not recommend one manufacturer or the other. However, it is our goal to educate consumers that only certain ingredients have been PROVEN to of benefit in treating macular degeneration. Avoid purchasing vitamin that have unproven benefits, even when they sound convincing.

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